2014 ongoing



O Restelo N° 20 is a series of photographs of my grandparent’s home, where they lived for over 36 years. The four-storey house is located in a residential neighborhood in Lisbon, Portugal. The residency was once the domicile of seven people: my grandparents, my father, her sister, my grandfather´s sister, her son, and the maid.

However, it’s been uninhabited since my grandfather passed away 11 years ago. Since then, the house has become a holiday residence for the family who lives in Venezuela.

The photographs are an intimate visual record that invites the viewer to the public and private spaces interacting within the absence of witnesses. 
The walls enclose emotional and cultural evidence while the objects become the essence of the site they occupy. The environment is shaped by the history of a family who once inhabited the rooms. The content of loneliness invade the interiors that become testimony of time and beholders of memories.

O Restelo N° 20 is part of a larger series of my own family environments that include a now-closed hotel in downtown Madeira (Portugal) that was once owned and managed by my grandfather, a vacation house on the same island, and my grandmother´s house in Caracas, Venezuela.