DNA residency
Provincetown, MA

In 2015 I went to Provincetown, Massachusetts, for an artist residency. It was a time of uncertainty for me. I was applying for a new visa, and I wasn’t sure if I would stay in the United States. Four years had passed since I had moved to New York, and I still couldn’t call it home.

Through my camera lens, I brought awareness to all my feelings since I left my country. All of those that emerge with immigration: loneliness, loss, adaptation, nostalgia, hope, and excitement for what is yet to come.
Despite the turbulence of thoughts, I felt peace while making this series of photographs. To look outside for images that represented all my emotions got me closer to who I am and where I belong. Myself.

This series of photographs is my interpretation of the state of infinite transition, of permanently living in a liminal space. “In the meantime” is the time between what was and what will be. It is a temporary situation that remains. The present is a limbo that feeds on nostalgia and illusion, a period of uncertainty in which we cling to the future in the hope of reaching fulfillment.