DNA residency
Provincetown, MA

These photographs were made in Provincetown, Massachusetts at the beginning of November 2018. Located at the tip of Cape Cod, P-town (as it’s called by the locals) transitions from a year-round population of under three thousand to a summer population of more than sixty thousand. By the time I arrived the busy days were officially over.

I spent the first couple of days roaming streets I didn’t recognize from my last trip there in august of 2015. I was mesmerized by the desolate landscape and silence of a town that looked uninhabited. Most businesses in the area were closed for the season.

Being from Caracas where the weather is always warm, it was novel for me to witness a resort town. I was drawn to the eeriness of deserted streets, the infinitely empty parking lots, the desolated pools, and piled lounge chairs. Blue plastic covered signposts and backyard boats, all quiet in hibernation. No more fluorescent flamingo floats. No patterned towels hanging wet and heavy on fences.
Beauty accentuates itself in the muted solitude of a place; resting after the vehemence of summer. There is an opportunity for a profound appreciation of the sound of nature. In desolation, the element of suspense is held by foggy days erasing the horizon line.

I am fascinated by the duality of this place. During summertime, it is full of life and vibrant. The rest of the year the deserted town is filled with pleasing silence; a pause that balances the intense activity of warmer months. The one thing that doesn't change however is the sublime light at any time.

Provincetown is well known by many as a vacation place alive with color, activity, and visitors. In this series, I portray the unfamiliar side of this town in its vulnerable dormancy. This series presents the pure authentic beauty of a place that welcomes the time off to recharge.